Ancestral wants to help sell your cards!

If you are looking to sell cards valued at $500 or higher and you do not need the sales proceeds immediately, we can help you sell your cards at retail prices on consignment. Our fee on consignment sales is a percentage of the net sales proceeds, after deducting payment processing and insured shipping costs, as follows:

 Card Ask Price Consignment Fee
$500-$999 12%
$1,000-1,999 10%
$2,000-$4,999 8%
$5,000-$7,499 7%
$7,500-$9999 6%
$10,000 and above 5%


Reasons to consign us your cards for sale:

  • We have an exemplary reputation as an honest, knowledgeable and reliable seller. Buyers want to trust their sellers and gravitate to sellers who have a long, reputable history of sales.
  • We will accurately judge the condition of your cards and photograph them to accurately depict the condition to potential buyers. Buyers don't want to receive cards with undisclosed defects and gravitate to sellers who have proven to condition and depict cards accurately.
  • We will accurately price your cards so that you do not sell them for less than you could have received, nor fail to sell them due to asking an above-market price.
  • We will market your cards as part of our normal inventory on all of our sales channels, including our web site and TCGPlayer. We will also attempt to sell your cards directly to any of our extensive list of loyal customers who have asked us to source these specific cards for them
  • We will safely package and ship your cards to the buyer and insure your shipment against loss or damage.

Contact us now about selling your cards on consignment.


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