Traditional white-backed artist proofs do not exist for the Richard Garfield celebration card "Splendid Genesis." Instead, Monique Thirifay, the artist for Splendid Genesis, was given an uncut, Magic-backed production press sheet of 20 cards as a courtesy for providing her artwork for the card.

Ancestral represented Monique Thirifay in the sale of her press sheet, which was then cut into individual, square-cornered cards by its new owner. We then worked with Monique to prepare the Magic card backs to obscure the printed Magic back and to accept graphite, and commissioned her to draw reproductions of her Splendid Genesis art on the card backs. The cards were autographed and numbered, and ultimately graded and encased by CGC to preserve the cards and new artwork and guarantee their provenance as artist proofs.

The intact artist proof sheet had hung on Monique's wall for 25 years, enjoyed only by her and her family. Following its transformation into 20 individual artist proofs, there are now 20 stunning individual pieces that will ultimately be enjoyed and treasured by 20 different collectors. Images depicting this transformation process are shown below.


Uncut sheet given to Monique Thirifay in appreciation of her artwork for Splendid Genesis
Signed and numbered Splendid Genesis Artist Proofs on sheet prior to cutting into individual cards
Splendid Genesis Artist Proofs at card finishing facility after being cut into individual cards

Splendid Genesis Artist Proof card back after Monique's reproduction of Splendid Genesis art

Final Splendid Genesis Artist Proofs, authenticated, graded and encased by CGC
The only Pristine 10 Splendid Genesis Artist Proof


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