Ancestral wants to purchase your cards!

Whether you are looking to sell one card or your entire collection, we value the opportunity to make you an offer. We specialize in premium vintage cards and typically offer the highest dealer buy prices in the market on them. We encourage you to compare our buy prices and see for yourself. For high value sales, we can provide you with a prepaid, insured FedEx shipping label and packaging instructions for your use in shipping us your cards.

We want you to receive the highest prices for your cards. If we cannot make you a competitive offer on some or all of your cards, we will not make you a low offer in the hope that you will accept it. Instead, we will direct you to other high quality dealers who we believe will give you a fair and better offer on those cards.

If you are highly price sensitive, you may consider selling your cards directly to another player or collector. While this is the right choice for some sellers, many underestimate the effort and knowledge required to sell cards successfully to retail buyers. We want you to make the choice that is right for you and encourage you to consider the following:

  • Do you have a reputation as an honest, knowledgeable and reliable seller?
  • Do you know how to accurately judge the condition of your cards and how to photograph them to accurately depict the condition to potential buyers?
  • Do you know how to accurately price your cards so that you do not sell them for less than you would have received had you simply sold them to a dealer, nor fail to sell them due to asking an above-market price?
  • Do you know where and how to market your cards to achieve a reasonable likelihood of a successful sale?
  • If you are considering selling your cards via auction, have you considered that the frequent lack of competitive bidding in combination with the commission you pay to the auction site will often result in you receiving less than you would have had you simply sold those cards to a dealer?
  • Do you know how to safely package and ship your cards and how to insure your shipment against loss or damage?

Every situation is different. We want you to make the best decision for your specific circumstances, based on the cards you wish to sell, your level of knowledge and experience as a seller, how much time you have to invest, your need to realize the highest possible price for your cards, and the time frame within which you want to sell your cards. We are happy to help you evaluate your situation to assist you in making an informed decision.

Contact us now about selling your cards.


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