We strive to provide competitive prices while offering exemplary service and an extensive inventory of premium Magic cards. Our sales prices are typically lower than any public dealer prices you can find online.

We encourage you to compare our prices with others you can find online. Our business is buying and selling cards, not showing off our inventory and hoping someone will purchase cards at higher prices than they can find from others. If you do find the same card at a lower price, adjusted appropriately for any difference in condition, feel free to contact us about it...we may have made an error in pricing the card or the market may have shifted and our price may need to be adjusted.

We cannot, however, dictate the prices at which others choose to offer their cards. On occasion we have found cards for sale at prices we believe are below market value. In such cases, if the seller is reputable, we do encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the card you want at a lower price from someone else. 

Magic cards are also sold online through auctions on several different sites. When an auction is not well publicized, sometimes a card will not receive highly competitive bids and the winning bid will be below our fair and competitive retail price. Our business is to provide you with a broad inventory of cards available for your immediate purchase at fair prices. If you are highly price sensitive or simply enjoy the thrill of getting a bargain, and you are not in immediate need of a card, we encourage you to try to purchase cards at lower prices via auction.


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